Cloverdale Performing Arts Center Eliminates Paid Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a major restructuring at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center. An email sent out earlier today announced the departure of Artistic Director Yavé Guzmán and Front-of-House Manager Mary Dixon. “Unfortunately, due to the extreme financial toll of the pandemic, we are no longer able to pay any staff and have transitioned to a completely volunteer company”, read the unsigned statement. Guzmán has lead the company since 2014, succeeding founding Artistic Director Jim de Priest.

Yavé Guzmán

The annoucement also bid farewell to CPAC Board President Tania Richardson and Executive Director Linda Hughes Freeth, who have moved on to pursue other interests, and announced Jude Gibson as the new Board President as well as four new Board members – Robert Bauer, Amy Lovato, Dan Stryker and Alessandra Ziviani.

The statement concluded on an optimistic note: “We are going to survive. Thanks to your generous donations and participation in our online theatre ventures, we will be here when the pandemic is over. We are planning to reopen our doors in 2021 and can hardly wait to again be a gathering place where the Cloverdale community can meet and enjoy live theatre and music together.”

Photo Courtesy of the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

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