KSRO Interview: Steven David Martin, Priscilla Locke, Caitlin Strom-Martin, Maureen O’Neill

Guests on the Thursday, September 13 theatre segment on KSRO’s The Drive with Steve Jaxon  included artists from Healdsburg’s Raven Players “Mini-Rep” productions including director Steven David Martin and Priscilla Locke from Church & State and director Caitlin Strom-Martin and Maureen O’Neill from Time Stands Still. Click below to hear that interview: **********

KSRO Interview: Directors of “The Super Trio”

My guests on the Thursday, July 26 theatre segment on KSRO’s The Drive with Steve Jaxon were playwright/composer/co-director/actor Brett Mollard and co-director/actor Ezra Hernandez from the Redwood Theatre Company’s original production of The Super Trio. Click below to hear that interview. *** For more information, go to redwoodtheatrecompany.com