Review: “Faceless” in Santa Rosa

Courtroom dramas have long been a staple of mass entertainment. From TV’s Perry Mason to plays and films like The Caine Mutiny Court Marshall and A Few Good Men, audiences have long enjoyed the compact drama provided by a judicial trial. Playwright Selina Fillinger has written a worthy addition to that canon with Faceless, running…

Review: “Donovan Reid”

A young man walks into a police station. Either unable or unwilling to speak, he non-verbally asks for something with which to write. Given a pen and a piece of paper, he scribbles down and displays the following: “I am Donovan Reid”. So begins Donovan Reid, a film co-written and directed by former Petaluman Austin…

KSRO Interview: “Faceless”

My guests on the Thursday, May 23 theatre segment on KSRO’s The Drive with Steve Jaxon were actors Ilana Niernberger & David Yen and director Craig Miller from the 6th Street Playhouse production of Faceless. Click below to listen: **********

Review: “A Bright New Boise” in Kentfield

Who knew that an employee break room could be such a fertile setting for compelling theatrical drama? First, David Harrower set his harrowing Blackbird in a nameless one, then Samuel Hunter (The Whale) set his fascinating A Bright New Boise in the break room of an Idaho Hobby Lobby. The College of Marin brings Boise…

KSRO Interview: “Lungs”

My guests on the Thursday, May 16 theatre segment on KSRO’s The Drive with Steve Jaxon were David Lear, Sharia Pierce, and Jared Wright from the Main Stage West production of Lungs. Click below to listen: **********