Will Durst takes on the 2016 election

Will Durst“It’s a very exciting time to be a political comedian,” remarks Will Durst, acclaimed satirist, newspaper columnist, stand-up comic and author. Durst ought to know. When it comes to politics and comedy, few have more assiduously studied the odd art and science of laughing at politicians than Will Durst.

“It’s rare when a comedy scene opens up like this,” he notes of the current political situation – in particular the outrageous, increasingly preposterous presidential election environment. “It’s all so rich, and thick, and lush. It’s fecund and febrile. It’s a whole thesaurus of words meaning ‘ripe.’”

That’s how Durst talks, often displaying an unshakable affection for ideas, observations and language.

“My audience tends to have an attention span,” he laughs.

Click ‘Here’ to read full story in the Sonoma Index-Tribune

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