Talking Pictures: Cartoon expert Andrew Farago on ‘Batman vs. Superman’

515bmEZX9kL._UX250_I’m always wiped out after watching a Zack Snyder movie,” says Andrew Farago, raising his voice slightly to be heard above the booming end-credit music of Zack Snyder’s 150-minute comic-book extravaganza Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As roughly 10,000 names scroll up the screen, we duck out early, having confirmed that there is no post-film surprise scene waiting at the end of the credits. “That’s a Marvel thing,” Farago says. “Superman and Batman are all DC.”

Slightly exhausted from the dramatic sensory onslaught of the film—in which Batman does, indeed, take on Superman (other DC legends, from Wonder Woman to Aquaman, show their super-powered faces, too)—we head down the escalator at San Francisco’s Metreon shopping complex, desperately in need of coffee.

“I was surprised by that ending,” Farago confesses. “I have colleagues who saw the movie at a preview, and they did a really good job of keeping from spoiling any surprises.”

As shall we, so fear not. No spoilers shall be revealed herein—only a few very strong opinions.

batmanvsuperman-xlargeFarago, a lifelong comic book fan, is the curator of San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, which formerly occupied a storefront space not far from the Metreon. In talks to acquire a new permanent home for the museum’s massive collection of cartoon and comic book art, the museum is currently closed to the public, but is sponsoring a number of workshops and talks at various San Francisco locations until a new home is found. Farago’s job is to catalog and sort the museum’s collection, and to prepare and present its exhibitions of cartoon artistry in all of its many forms.

“I didn’t much like Man of Steel, the previous Superman movie from Zack Snyder,” Farago says, sitting down to a latté. “I was not thrilled that they broke the Superman-never-kills rule, so I was not expecting much from Dawn of Justice, and I pretty much got exactly what I expected. It’s not bad, but it’s not very much fun.”

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