‘The Other Place’ and ‘My Mañana Comes’

stage-db68608dc6f63687My Mañana Comes ★★★★½
Marin Theatre Company 

The Other Place ★★★★
Main Stage West

In both Sharr White’s lyrical and lovely drama The Other Placeand Elizabeth Irwin’s magnificent My Mañana Comes, we are invited inside the lives of people who—in theater, as in real life—are often all but invisible. In a near balletic production at Marin Theater Company, My Mañana Comes follows four hard-working busboys at an upscale restaurant in New York City. Set entirely on the prep side of the bustling kitchen (we never see a single waitperson), Irwin’s brilliant script pulls us in immediately, and director Kirsten Brandt keeps things hopping as the quartet of actors bus dishes, prep plates of food, slice fruit and vegetables (using real knives) and rush in and out of swinging doors with a grace and energy that would be impressive even if they weren’t also giving deep, fleshed-out and fully engaging performances.

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