And you think live theatre is having a tough time filling their seats?

I’ve been going to the movies a lot recently and have been dismayed at the empty houses I’ve encountered. I’ve seen a variety of movies at a variety of times on a variety of days and have never been sitting with more than three other patrons.

If you’re inclined to go out to the movies over the holiday season, I would encourage you to head out to Sebastopol and support this particular theater. Ky Boyd and the Rialto Cinemas have been an integral part of our community for decades. They were the first theater to regularly program independent, foreign, LGBTQ+, and social justice-themed films in our area. They also present live opera and art exhibitions on their big screen.

They regularly support fundraising efforts by schools (including the Special Needs program at Montgomery High School, where I first encountered their generosity) and other community-minded organizations.

They are also the only local movie theater that requires proof of COVID vaccination to attend.

If you’ve not been out to their theater, consider catching a movie and grabbing some food there on Thursday, December 2, when they will be participating in the Food For Thought Dining Out for Life program. They do pizzas, soups, sandwiches, paninis, and other shareables. They have a dozen or so wines by the glass or bottle and eight craft beers on tap. 25% of the amount you spend on food at the theater will be donated to FFT, an organization that provides healing nutrition and compassion to more than 6,500 people living with serious medical conditions in Sonoma County.

If you’re comfortable going out to the movies and can’t make it December 2, please consider visiting the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol another time. Support a movie theater that supports the community.

Thank you.

And please feel free to share this post.

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