Cinnabar announces 2021/22 season, but…

Petaluma’s Cinnabar Theater has announced their season lineup for the 2021/22 season, but has held off on announcing specific dates for onstage productions “until there is more clarity around reopening, gatherings and social distancing guidelines.”

This will be the first season under the auspices of new Artistic Director Nathan Cummings. Their 49th season will be comprised of the following shows:  

Cry it Out – Jessie is a corporate lawyer in a Manhattan firm. Lina is a community-college dropout and born-and-bred Long Islander. They do not seem to have anything in common, but marooned at home with infants, they strike up a fast friendship. In the yard between their houses (as far as their baby monitors will reach) they bond over sleep deprivation, unreliable childcare, and “having it all.” A candid comedy about who gets to make which hard choices in the tinderbox of parenthood and class in the United States.

Dancing Lessons – A scientist with Asperger’s knocks on the door of his neighbor, a Broadway dancer now sidelined from an injury, to seek dancing lessons so he can participate in an event being held in his honor. As their relationship unfolds, they are both caught off guard by the discoveries—both hilarious and heartwarming—that they make about each other that extend beyond mere footwork and reach straight into the soul.

Cyrano – Love is most definable when the heart yearns for what is not returned. Unrequited love is at the center of the celebrated story of Cyrano de Bergerac—the tale of a noble, graceful man crossed by a wayward physical feature. Can Roxane see him for his true beauty? Might Christian, the hunky, fumble-mouthed object of Roxane’s desire, figure out the poetry of the heart? Will the villain sabotage all chances of love? It will take a gaggle of the finest players—as well as the toe tapping rhythms of the North Bay’s finest jug band The Rivertown Skifflers—to get all these questions answered before the curtain drops.

Amy and the Orphans – Estranged siblings Maggie and Jake may be adults, but when their elderly father dies, they still wish a “grown up” could sort it all out. Their biggest worry: How to break the bad news to their sister Amy, a person with Down Syndrome who has lived in a state home for years. The three siblings find out just how much they do not know about their family and each other. It seems only Amy knows who she really is!

Three Tall Women – Winner of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, this engaging examination of the life of one woman remains one of  Edward Albee’s most compelling and personal plays. Wickedly funny and told with uncompromising truth, the play takes a long, hard look at the arc of one human life from the perspectives of three different generations. As the older woman’s life is laid out in all its charming, vicious and wretched glory, how did this dying woman come to be who she is? How can any of us know who we really are—or who we will become?

Opera (TBA) – As one of the only North Bay companies to produce a fully-staged opera, Cinnabar looks forward to giving you a classic work directed by Artistic Director Emeritus Elly Lichenstein. Stay tuned for the exciting title announcement.  

NBSS will post the scheduled dates as soon as that information is available.

Click HERE to go to the Cinnabar Theater web site.

One thought on “Cinnabar announces 2021/22 season, but…

  1. Come on another really white season??!! Are theater’s not listening??
    We really will start holding theaters accountable.
    We need BIPOC players and playwrights, and tech and directors.
    Let us in! Let us in!


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