Transcendence Theatre Company reacts to public resignation

The Transcendence Theatre Company has apparently reacted to the outcry following the public resignation of Nikko Kimzin, its former Director of Education and Community Engagement.

In a post dated February 10, 2021 on the Medium web site, Kimzin attributed his resignation to  “…the Transcendence Executive Team’s ongoing suppression of equity, diversity, and inclusion practices and inaction toward becoming an equitable theater” and for their creation of “a hostile work environment where I could no longer be successful in serving all of our diverse communities.” He then listed numerous interactions in support of his statement.

The following appeared on the Transcendence Theatre Company Facebook page and Instagram account at 4:34 pm this evening:

North Bay Stage and Screen has reached out to Mr. Kimzin for his reaction.

His original post can be found HERE.


One thought on “Transcendence Theatre Company reacts to public resignation

  1. That’s interesting. I thought Mr. Kimzin’s original post was brilliant: perceptive, authentic, respectful, and blunt. And it was thoroughly supported by convincing evidence. It deserves this sort of response and I’m glad the company did apologize rather than mount a defense. Time will tell whether they are able to make the necessary changes. I hope the community will encourage them to do so, and abandon them if they cannot or will not.

    Kudos to Harry Duke for covering this story so well. Fine journalism, right here.
    It’s possible.

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