NOTE FROM DAVID: Stepping down from theater reviewing (but not from theater journalism) at the end of 2017


David at the Marquee Theater Journalists Awards

I have been serving as a weekly theater critic for over 16 years, beginning with my review of Poona the Fuckdog at Actors Theatre in June 2001. Reviewing (certain complications aside) has been a constant joy and challenge, an awesome responsibility and a truly life-changing privilege, one I’ve taken very seriously. I’ve loved every minute of it.But every good show comes to an end eventually—even Poona the Fuckdog.

And even this, my long and thoroughly enjoyable run as the Bohemian‘s weekly theater critic.

I have decided that, at the close of this year, I will be jotting down my final note in my ever-present notebook, and will be stepping down as this paper’s reviewer, excitedly turning my full attention to other pursuits: artistic, journalistic, theatrical and otherwise.

I am not leaving the Bohemian, however, for which I will continue to write about the arts, including an occasional piece about the amazing and quirky artists who create Sonoma County theater. I just won’t be the one adding the little stars to the ends of the reviews.

So this is not goodbye. For one thing, I’m not leaving yet. I still have two months of local theater to observe, and to comment on. Then one final Top 10 Torn Tickets to write. Between now and then, I’ll see you at the theater.

I’ll be the grateful guy with the notebook.

(Originally posted in the North Bay Bohemian. Click here to see the article.)

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