Interview: Mark Bradbury on playing Bob in ‘BOB: A Life in Five Acts’

MSW - Bob photo (1)‘Sometimes,” muses actor Mark Bradbury, “you play a character you just don’t like very much.”
Over the last 12 years, he says, after appearing in more than 30 shows, Bradbury has portrayed his share of unlikable people. “With those guys,” he notes, “you have to work extra hard to find something you connect with. Then there are the characters that are written without much depth or detail. They’re thinly drawn, so you have to insert your own ideals, and your own meat, to make them feel real.”
But then, Bradbury adds, there is Bob.
“I’ve never encountered a role like this,” he says of the title character in Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s surreal comedy-drama Bob: A Life in Five Acts, opening this weekend at Main Stage West in Sebastopol. “Bob is the kind of character that makes me wish I was more like him. Bob inspires me to become a better person.”

Click ‘Here‘ to read the full article in the North Bay Bohemian

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