Wrapping up the 19th Sonoma International Film Festival

kamen-mcNeelyThe best parts of a film festival are often not the films, but what takes place in between them. From off-the-cuff post-film interviews and exuberant conversations between movie fans, to the parties, workshops and awards presentations that draw hundreds together under a tent or the open sky, it’s sometimes the memorable moments of spontaneous human interaction that make a good film festival even better. On Sunday night, the 19th annual Sonoma International Film Festival ended after five days of cinematic eccentricity. Here are some of the indelible moments and odd overheard remarks and sightings that are not likely to be soon forgotten.

On opening night, the tribute to screenwriter Robert Kamen kicked things off on a high comedic note. The Hollywood legend’s caustically enthusiastic stories established a certain outrageous tone that continued throughout the weekend. The best joke of that first evening, however, went to Festival Director Kevin McNeely.

fifth-element-image-2_758_426_81_s_c1Earlier in his onstage interview with Kamen, the screenwriter humorously described working with Bruce Willis on “The Fifth Element,” at one point comparing the allegedly high-maintenance movie star to the hind-quarters of a horse. When McNeely’s cell phone rang a few moments later, McNeely glanced at the phone and happily quipped, “It’s Bruce, and he’s pissed.”

Beginning Thursday morning, the first full day of the festival, typewriters began to appear at various spots throughout the Back Lot tent, located just adjacent to the Veterans Memorial Building. For the rest of the festival, typewritten notes, quotes, Shakespearean sonnets and pithy film reviews were posted nearby for the perusal of interested passersby. Amongst these minimalist missives, several stood out, including one – likely from a filmmaker with a movie in competition at the festival – that stated simply, “May the best film win.”

Click ‘Here‘ to tread the full story in the Sonoma Index-Tribune

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