Talking Pictures: Oscar fan explains affection for awards show, still wishes ‘Room’ had won

NBSS - oscars
Better than the Super Bowl.”

That hyperbolic declaration appeared the morning of February 28, on the Facebook page of local film fan, actor and blogger Peter Warden. It was the morning of the Oscars, and after a “friend” noted that for Warden, the Oscars were very likely as exciting as the Super Bowl, Warden affirmed that, yes, he was excited, and that, actually, to him, the Oscars are even better than the Super Bowl.

“I care about the Oscars a lot more than I should, probably,” Warden confessed, a few days later.

Ratings for the Oscars telecast were down a bit from last year, but critics and film fans are still discussing, debating and analyzing the show, from the matter of who won what and how racist the Oscar Academy is, right up to the show itself, which had its share of highly discussable, hilariously odd moments. There may have been fewer viewers than in the past, but the 2016 Oscars will go down as one of the strangest ceremonies in its 88 years. Warden contributed to the experience by running constant ongoing commentary on his Facebook page, making jokes, offering observations and reacting, with clever asides, to every major Oscar award announcement.
“It was well-done, I thought,” Warden says of the show, one day after the broadcast. “It was pretty enjoyable, overall. I thought Chris Rock, as the host, was pretty funny, though I had no idea who Stacey Dash was when he brought her out on stage with him.”

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