Jennifer King’s ‘Bad Dates’ comes to Cinnabar

“Whenever I start telling someone I know about the play ‘Bad Dates,’ they almost always end up saying, ‘Wow! Did you write this yourself?’” director-actor Jennifer King said. “Because anyone who knows me, and my life, immediately thinks this story sound like something I would write.”

“Bad Dates” — opening Feb. 5 at Cinnabar Theater — was written by Theresa Rebeck, best known as the creator of the television show “Smash” and for the plays “Seminar” and “The Scene.”

The single-actor show features King as Haley Walker, a single mother recently back out on the dating circuit, juggling her job as the manager of a mob-owned restaurant, her growing obsession with shoes — she has more than 600 pairs — and her teenage daughter, who’s recently become a bit of a handful. The main theme of the play, however, are the “bad dates” of the title, a series of hilariously failed meet-ups that include a man who can’t stop talking about his colon, an ex-boyfriend who turns out to be hiding a secret, a college professor who is probably gay, and a gentleman she refers to as “the bug guy,” who she met at a Buddhist fundraiser. During the course of the play, she changes outfits numerous times, takes a number of uproarious phone calls, and slips in and out of shoe after shoe after shoe.

Click ‘Here‘ to read the full article in the Petaluma Argus-Courier

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