Film Festival presents sneak peek of ‘Bottle Shock: The Musical’

bottle_shock_WIDENovember 1, 2015—Amidst expected film screenings and highly anticipated celebrity appearances (John Travolta! Bruce Dern!), this year’s Napa Valley Film Festival is including one event that no one saw coming: a live concert-version of a brand new stage musical. Presented in collaboration with Napa’s Lucky Penny Productions and San Francisco’s Fogg Theater, the sneak peek of “Bottle Shock: The Musical” is pretty much what it sounds like: an adaptation of the 2008 cult hit movie starring Alan Rickman as the English wine merchant who attempts to convince California winemakers to compete against French wines in the infamous 1976 blind tasting which became known as “The Judgment in Paris.” Though controversial locally—since so much of the movie did not actually happen, or happened differently—the film did call attention to the moment in history when the world began to notice the excellence of Northern California wines.

Unknown-1 Written by Charles Vincent Burwell and James Sasser (who recently appeared in Lucky Penny’s ‘The Secret Garden,’ and will play the Alan Rickman role in ‘Bottle Shock’), the musical will have its world premiere next October in San Francisco, when it will be presented by FOGG Theater, the company that hit big with last year’s ‘Cable Car Nymphomaniac: The Musical.’ But North Bay audiences will have a chance to hear the entire script, and all the songs, when the Napa Valley Film Festival presents the “concert” version on Saturday, November 14, at the Lincoln Theater in Yountville, at 12:30 p.m. Assisted by Lucky Penny Productions, the presentation will feature actors with scripts in hand, performing with a live orchestra.

Click Here for tickets and more information

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