Laughfest Up and Running in Sonoma

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsThe Sonoma Valley has more than its share of festivals.

There are music festivals, film festivals, harvest festivals, pumpkin festivals, vineyard festivals – even a historic race car festival. Now, thanks to Broadway actress-comedian Brooke Tansley – formerly of Los Angles and New York City, now a regular member of Transcendence Theater Company, and a settled-in resident of Sonoma – the Valley is finally going to get its own high-profile comedy festival, as well. And this one isn’t aimed at tourists. According to Tansley, it’s all for the local community she’s grown to love.

Along with comedian Kristen Rozanksi, Tansley – an acclaimed performer known for appearances on Broadway in “Hairspray” and “Beauty and the Beast” – is about to launch Sonoma Laughfest. Running Oct. 22 to 25 at the Sonoma Community Center, Laughfest is essentially 12 professional comedy shows, taking place over four days, featuring 70 performers bringing the laughs in a variety of comedic styles.

It begins tonight, and runs through Sunday.

To read my Sonoma Index-Tribune Laughfest interview with Brooke Tansley, click “Here” 

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