KSRO Interview – Joshua Goldstein & Oliver Stone

Award-winning scholar Professor Joshua S. Goldstein and legendary three-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone joined Harry Duke on The Drive on KSRO for a conversation about their film Nuclear Now.

The documentary will have two screenings on May 1 at the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol.

The film, co-written by Goldstein and Stone with narration and direction by Stone, makes that case that if we’re serious about reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the effects of global warming in a world with an ever-increasing demand for electrity, that we’re going to have to consider nuclear power as the means to do so.

The film covers our nation’s love/hate relationship with nuclear power from President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” program to the “No Nukes” movement of the 1970’s as well as how other countries have either embraced or turned their back on nuclear power.

Click below to listen:


Click the graphic below for more information:

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