Some of the shows I’ve seen in the year 2015

As a New Year’s Eve project, I decided to pull together a picture for each show I saw somewhere, within the North Bay or beyond, in 2015. It turned out NOT to be a short, simple project, and by the time 2015 turned into 2015, I was only a third of the way through. So . . . here’s what I have so far, and who knows . . . maybe I’ll finish it, sometime. Still, this gives a pretty good idea of the breadth of my theater-going experiences this last year. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s part one of a very enjoyable novel.2015 at the theater
NOTE: The Windsor production described here as “Nunsense” was actually ‘Nunsense II’ and the Sonoma Arts Live production described here as ‘Nunsense’ was actually ‘Nunsense: The Mega Musical.’ I know there are numerous variations of the show, but to me, ‘Nunsense,’ is, you know, “Nunsense.’

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